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Welcome to A site dedicated to people solving mathematical dillemas. Are you in an intimidating college math class? Do you need to draw graphs or make complex calculations? Even if you just want to calculate your mortgage payments, you have come to the right spot.

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College Success

The right calculator is a must for success in college math classes. It's in your best interest to buy one calculator that will last your entire college career. While you are here you should consider buying your test book. The interface will let you purchase through Amazon and save you from the financial exploitation of college bookstores.

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Mathematical Calculators

The site is full of mathematical calculators that do everything from graph a line to calculate derivatives of any order. Be sure to check them out. They will brezze through calculations that your graphing calculator with puke, choke and die on.

Personal finance

The site also include personal finance calculators. They do everything from calculate how much house you can afford to compare lease deals on a car. See the calculators tab in the navbar for more details.

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